Est. 1989

Endermologie in The City

For over 30 years, LPG® has made its state-of-the-art devices available to beauty-conscious men and women who are demanding when it comes to their health. In complete harmony with this healthy way of life, it is advised that endermologie® treatments be taken on for the same reasons as you would a balanced diet or regular athletic activities. The stimuli sent to the cells act as a “helping hand” to maximize their potential. Making endermologie® a part of your lifestyle means choosing an intelligent, responsible, healthy lifestyle aimed at preserving your body and your face from the ravages of time.

For your Body

For your Face

In contrast to a lot of the techniques available on the market, LPG® endermologie offers a 100% natural alternative: stimulating our skin to fight all unaesthetic manifestations :
sagging skin
localized resistant fat
cellulite appearance
and more ...
The mechanical stimulation of cells, called endermologie®, thus reactivates their awakening naturally and painlessly.
Acting simultaneously on the release of Stubborn Fat and on Firmness, Cellulite aspect (skin quality), the new Patent (roller and motorized flap combined with sequential suction) allows to act directly on Slimming Cells (adipocytes) and on Rejuvenating Cells (fibroblasts) present in different layers of your skin. A 360° treatment that puts an end to the dilemma: slimming or firming.
Every LPG Endermologie Treatment includes:

 - Activation Program - 10 sessions twice a week - that mostly triggers the lipolysis (breakdown of lipids - fat - to mobilize stored energy) and starts to tone the skin

- Stabilisation Program - 8 sessions twice every fortnight - keeps breaking down of fat and increases the skin rejuvenation and "tightening" process

- Maintenance Program - 8 sessions once a month - helps to keep the fat cell in a lipolysis mode and the skin rejuvenation active for long term benefit


Acting simultaneously on the release of stubborn localized fat and on skin quality (firmness, cellulite aspect), the new Patent (Roller and motorized flap combined with sequential suction) allows the body technology to act directly on the adipocytes present in our hypodermis (slimming cells) and on the fibroblasts present in our dermis (rejuvenating cells). 

A 360° treatment that puts an end to the dilemma: slimming or firming?
Customised ‘smart’  treatments
  1. Personalised protocols building
  2. Precise figure objectives
  3. Skin quality
  4. Time available

For each customer, the personalized protocol and pictures are recorded and  saved in the LPG Tablet to monitor progress
                 10min session  -   $20
                 20min session  -   $40
                 40min session  -   $80
                 60min session  -   $120

Classic treatments

Double Chin                              10min
Lady Stomach                            20min
Lady Arm-Firming                   20min
Body Cellulite Smoothing   40min
Body Smoothing                       20min

Body Contouring                     20min

Men Stomach                 20min
Men Love handle          10min

LPG® endermowear is an exclusive technical outfit that allows for deep massage and optimal visibility of tissue during Endermologie® treatments.
Light and breathable, this personal outfit permits a more intense impact and ensures a perfectly comfortable treatment. Personal to you, it guarantees that your body endermologie® sessions are perfectly hygienic.


  1.   Age-Defying REPLUMPING  Program
    Age-Defying REPLUMPING Program
    The production of new, good collagen, of elastin (+46%*) and natural hyaluronic acid (+80%*) gives the dermis back some of its volume and thus “lifts” the bottom of the wrinkle.
  2.    Age-Defying SKINTONING Program
    Age-Defying SKINTONING Program
    Stronger and firmer (+70%*), the epidermis returns to its natural tightness.Gradually, the skin becomes firmer. The face is redrawn with cleaner contours.
  3.   Age-Defying RESCULPTING Program
    Age-Defying RESCULPTING Program
    Stimulating adipocytes (fat cells) efficiently helps to redraw the contours of the face with a firming action. The face is visibly slimmer, and its volumes are more balanced.
30min Session

Activation Program
Twice weekly
10 sessions - $600

Stabilisation Program

Twice fortnightly
8 sessions -$480

Maintenance Program
once a month
8 sessions -$480
Full 6 months Program
26 sessions- 20% off

1 x Activation Program
1 x Stabilisation Program
1 x Maintenance Program
$1,560  => $1,248

Your face endermologie® kit is comprised of Lift 20 (face, neck, décolleté, and bust treatments) and Lift 10 (eye contour, lip contour, and hand treatments). Personal to you, it guarantees that your face endermologie® sessions are perfectly hygienic.


4 classic facial Programs
for women

Detox Endermolift
25 min - $50 per session
Glow Endermolift

20 min - $40 per session
Total Eye Endermolift

25 min -$50 per session
Eye & Lip Endermolift

20 min - $40 per session

Number of session depends of individual assessement results

Full Decolletage Program
26 x 25min Session


Perfect Eyes & Lips Program
26 x 40min Session

More programs on request