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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Julie Masko is a Vibrational life Coach, certified NLP Practitioner and Remedial Massage Therapist of 14 years.  Julie combines neuro-linguistics with intuition and extensive knowledge of the vibrational law to radically heal and transform lives in as little as 1 session

In your session, Julie will use her intuition and a combination of EFT and neurolinguistics to connect with your subconscious mind to uncover the core reasons, ( energetic and emotional blocks) of why your body is holding onto unwanted bodily conditions, including chronic pain, weight, low

“It is my job to awaken the guru within you, and end the ongoing cycle of searching for the next expert to give you relief, direction, focus and clarity, through empowerment.  
I look forward to seeing you and supporting you to let go of what has been holding you back from experiencing the joy and incredible abundance that life has waiting for you”.
Love Julie

As these energetic blocks are released, you will gain clarity as to what is keeping you “stuck” and unlock the answers to show you how to show up in your life and take charge, lead the way and eliminate not only bodily pain, also confusion and loss of direction.
This process can take anywhere from 1 to 5 sessions depending on where you are, and each person is different. 
After your session you will feel lighter, have clarity and change habits, all of this will all come from within you. You will now to have to
show up in your own life.   If chronic pain was present, you may find that this completely disappears in our first session.

Pay-as-you-go session

Intro Coaching Session $170
Regular Coaching Session $150
Intensive* Coaching Session $120
Each Coaching Session lasts 90min.
*Intensive Coaching requires 2 sessions per week.
Booking available Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 9am to 2pm
Booking essential
5 x 90min session over 2 months
Sometimes all you need is a boost. If you really desire a change in perspective that will support you in living the life you love, the Boosting Package is for you!
These private sessions set the groundwork to create a vision and goals that support your dream life. 
How do the Boosting Sessions work?
Boost Sessions are conducted either in person, by phone, or via Skype.
These are 90min sessions with the intention to keep you in action and offer you coaching in areas where and when you need it. 
$120 per session, Total Cost $600
or Direct Debit Plan $75/wk

8 x 90min session over 4 months
Self-Healing Package is on a mission to awaken people to the fact that we are vibrational beings and store emotions in our body as pain and disease.  It is now scientifically proven that chronic pain, is merely a chronic thought pattern, or along held belief that has been practised and passed down through generations(1).
Many people believe and accept that this is just the way it is supposed to be for them, yet this is so far from the truth and the Self-Healing Package will help you on the pathway of recovering and finding a healthy you.
$120 per session, Total Cost $960
or Direct Debit Plan $64/wk

6 x 90min session over 2 months
Zen Attitude helps you get clear on the changes you need to create a happier life for yourself.  We all have the potential to bring more joy into our lives. Whether it be in professional or private life, Zen Attitude Package is a fully customised strategy suitable for anyone wishing to bring positive vibe in their life.
Zen Attitude Package allows clients to walk away from their daily stress. With an action plan, and many tools, resources and strategies to be implemented immediately.
Put into place the steps towards being happy and living well
$120 per session, Total Cost $720
or Direct Debit Plan $90/wk
(1) Chronic Pain and Psychopathology: Research Findings and Theoretical Considerations
Dersh, Jeffrey PhD; Polatin, Peter B. MD, and; Gatchel, Robert J. PhD
Psychosomatic Medicine: September-October 2002 - Volume 64 - Issue 5 - p 773-786