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Sports massage is the specific application of massage techniques, range of motion/flexibility protocol and strength-training principles utilized to achieve a specific goal when treating an athlete.
Three Key Principles of Sports Massage
Three specific principles are important to understanding what type of sports massage to apply to an athlete at any given time, we call them the 3T: Timing, Technique and Target.
Timing refers to when the massage is given:
     - pre-event or post-event;
     - during recovery;
   - during a maintenance period; or when an athlete suffers an injury that requires rehabilitation.
Technique refers to what application you utilize, and can include a number of different techniques:
     - effleurage; friction; petrissage;
     - vibration; shaking;
     - compression; broadening strokes;
     - direct pressure; cross-fiber friction;
     - range of motion and stretching.
Target refers to your reason(s) for treatment; as warm-up, to increase blood flow; stimulate neurological pathways; aid recovery from exertion; increase flexibility; improve strength, or improve posture.

Let's look at a few examples of how timing, technique and intent work:
If you need a pre-event massage and the Target is to warm-up and increase blood flow, We would use techniques such as friction, compression, shaking and stretching.
If you need a post-event massage, and the Target is to aid recovery from exertion, We would use effleurage, petrissage, compression, broadening strokes and range of motion.
If you are an injured athlete, and your Target is to assist proper formation of scar tissue, we would use effleurage, compression and cross-fiber friction, followed by ice treatment and movement.

Understanding sports massage is never as simple as learning one technique or type of modality or just "working deep." Our sports massage therapists understand these three key principles of sports massage and apply the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time.
Mastering the application of sports massage takes years of education and experience, not to mention a love of athletics. No one modality, technique or approach works every time. It is the love of what we do, and the people we work with, that enable us to perfect our sports massage technique.
30min Sport Massage  . . .  $50
45min Sport Massage . . .   $70
60min Sport Massage . . .  $90
90min Sport Massage . . . $120
IF YOU DON'T HAVE HEALTH FUND COVER you can choose one of the 2 packages especially designed to build up long term wellbeing:
5x60min  Sport Massage . .  $375
10x60min Sport Massage . . $700
When booking your appointment, make it clear that you belong to a Heath Fund and we will allocate you to the appropriate therapist.
- Availability may vary -

We ask you to give us at least 24 hours notice before the scheduled appointment time to avoid a 50 % cancellation fees of the treatment price. A No-Show will incur a charge of the full treatment price. Should you be late, your treatment will finish according to the booking time and you will be charged the full treatment price. Late cancellations or no show for gift voucher bookings will result in your voucher being redeemed in full.
We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

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